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Some people think it is easy to be a army wife but it's not. It's very hard and stressful. Only very strong women can make it. You don't get to see your husband every day sometimes you don't even speak to each other 5 or more days. All you can do in those times is pray and trust god that you husband is safe. And they as much as people think either there's many things that my husband cannot afford where he is. And the punishments give me started on that you assault another service member you could be paying up to $5,000 fine or if you mess up or something army could completely decide that they're going to pay for a medical treatment  your husband needs. In turn your won't ask you for the money to pay the treatment and three months later you get a call from some doctor in another country saying that they won't treat your husband unless they are paid. Leaving you to scramble to find the funds to pay. If you are lucky the doctor will be nice and set payment plan and get the medicine to treat your husband illness but you have to pay the doctor back because he paid for the medicine with his own salary. But as soon as your husband's better he has to get back to work he has to scramble and work double time just to catch up to come home on time. Army wives deal with these things all the time some days we don't know how we're going to make it through and some days we're on top of the world it's even tougher when there's a kid involved and it doesn't know why his daddy's not home all he knows is that his daddy is called to duty his daddy can't say no it's hard telling that you can't that Daddy won't be home for Christmas Daddy won't be home for his birthday. There's many days of tears many days of laughter. I think one thing I have learned being an army wife is that. You can love someone worlds away. And you can love someone through a phone just as easy as you can love someone in person I have not seen my husband since January it is now November and it looks like he may be missing Thanksgiving and Christmas and me and my kid hold out for him everyday praying and wishing him well and tell him we love him everyday because we never know if we're going to get that knock on the door telling us our soldiers not coming home which is always a worry for military wives and all branches we're always afraid the next knock on the door will be someone telling us that our soldier not be coming home because he died protecting the people he loves and even the strangers he doesn't know or that he was captured and they don't know whether he's alive or not. To those people you say military life is easy it's not it's one of the hardest things one can go through and it's also one of the most rewarding is it shows you how much patience you have how much willpower you have how much strength and how much Faith you have and it teaches you to love even when you can't feel see hug kiss cuddle cry on their shoulder or play around with or go do things with you the true meaning of love and your love grows stronger if you survive long enough for your husband to return to you


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  • Nov 14, 2021

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