THE REVEAL. Read Count : 19

Category : Poems

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It's the silent
screams from within.
Voiceless ghosts
tsunamis, ever
increasing, ever
approaching storms
the brackish overflow;
leaking faucets
inner plumbing spent.
truth of spirit, heart
and soul; 'tis the
observing - 'tis of
abject misery:
'tis a helpless rage
of sufferance....silence
yet inner beating of
fists the bloody rage
consuming within.
It's the ebb and flow,
the monotone of
once passionate
tangos of life -
'twas clearly seen.
Monitor of life now
silent be. 'Tis the
dreaded flatline
'tis the sympathetic
REVEAL - 'tis the
final resting seeked.


  • Nov 22, 2021

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