A Silence Beginning Read Count : 14

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My heart's been lost in the deep end and
These days it's getting hard to pretend.
My minds so lost inside this space,
While there's barely any light in this place.

Where's the way out?
Is it this door, or is it that one?
Maybe it's the one that's on the floor.
It's so hard to find the exit in this labyrinth.

I can't think straight.
Some things hurt too much.
My lungs are my crutch;
I feel like I turn to dust when I try to trust.

Useless and worthless;
That's what they think right?
Or is it what I think and it's my blight;
That scares people away all the time?

I'm confused;
I belittle myself.
I hate myself for caring so much.
I get so lost with myself.

Do I know myself;
Or do they know me better?
The same questions at an always;
That changed me to never talk to anybody.


  • Nov 12, 2021

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