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I know, this isn't a poem or a song of Mine. But here's a little something about Marilyn Manson's "The Speed of pain": 

This Song was written in response to an article Marilyn read. The Article was about how Scientists absorb human emotions and use them in Computers. So that These devices can also have feelings like us. Hence the Verse(s): 
"They slit our Throats like we were flowers, and our milk has Been Devoured" (milk in this case would represent human emotions). That fascinated Manson, in some moments he could identify with the computer. Computers generally have no Emotions. Marilyn used to be like that, numb to all feelings. Now that he has them back, he doesn't want to be taken away from them again. He doesn't want other people's emotions to be ripped away. He is against Society becoming Mechanical Animals. He disagrees with the idea that Computers can react faster to the Speed of Pain than we do. This song is also about destroyed relationships, that can be glued Back together. Hence the lyrics "i Wish, i could sleep, but i can't lay on my back, cuz there's a knife, for everyday that i've known you." And so are the last few parts of the song, too. 


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