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I lived like Rapunzel 
all of my life 
I have been loved 
by both of my parents 
one of my parents took me 
everywhere to find friends, 
even though I can’t communicate 
with people 
I was interested in people since birth, however, I can’t communicate with them 
didn’t know what to talk to me about 
before I met you 
used to have few sleepovers 
I can’t take care of myself
they didn’t have a choice to shut me down, 
they didn’t know I have a disability
when I was in elementary school 
both of my friend’s parents 
were busy, 
my female parent took us 
to Seattle Downtown 
we went to a fast restaurant to eat 
even got to have a colorful tattoo on our faces 
before I met you 
went to Rose Hill Junior High School, 
I’m not like other people 
I was different from them 
as you can see, 
my academic wasn’t that great 
can’t keep up with other students, 
didn’t have any friends there 
I was in this small group of peoples 
didn’t know I was lonely from the outside world 
had been eating pizza a lot 
even I got the nickname as a pizza girl 
I was there for one year, 
before I met you, 
I was accepted by disability education 
in Redmond 
we had many creative ways 
like dress up as people many years ago, 
interviewed as people many years ago 
after I recover from my neck surgery 
I came back to finish up and graduated 
before I met you 
both of my parents and I moved 
to where I am living now 
connected to I-90 bridge 
I started high school 
as a freshman and sophomore year 
as you didn’t know 
used to listen to my teachers 
following the rule very well-used to have a tight daily routine, 
that I have to follow every day 
I woke up early 
get everything ready 
I got to school 
before I met you 
the life as a teenager 
I had job and volunteering duties 
I was very busy 
used to have a massive crush 
it’s similar to when you fell in love 
with me in the college years,
as you see 
I felt the same way as you 
used to get rejected by a teenage boy 
I felt what you’re feeling 
used to have an anxious thought 
can’t sleep very well with a circle under my eyes 
next day 
I had lost my mind 
can’t control what I behaved 
can’t control what I said, 
you’re not alone 
I have been through the same as you do 
my darkest time came later in my life 
know the darkest time in your childhood 
in early in your life, 
understand what you felt 
know what you experience 
I know what you need, 
I know what you want 
why you’re broke up with me? 
I have everything you want and need, can you please come back to me? 
how can I love you if you always avoid me?
Why you have to move away? 
I have everything you ever wanted and needed, and you just let go of me like that 
can you just think about what you want and need? 
that my family can provide for you 
when you let go of me 
is like you’re saying goodbye 
everything you ever wanted and needed, 
are you delighted letting go of me? 
if you do 
you’re saying goodbye to what you wanted and needed 
I have everything in life I can provide for you 
what you do is say goodbye to all you 
ever wanted and needed. 


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