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Why? We were in the shower and all of a sudden randomly I just think of the scene playing out where you stabbed and killed me… I don’t know why but it really scared me and does. I don’t genuinely feel you with me. More so he’s just fighting and arguing trying to be right when shit doesn’t even fucking matter anymore as intensely as I’ve been in, just cut your mother fucking bullshit and start being grateful, respectful, and just a fucking nice human being cause god fucking damn I wish you were in my shoes to see just how fucking rude, disgusting, and are being such a fucking dependent you don’t clean up after yourself, your cat, or treat others with any respect yet alone yourself because your just too stuck inside your past, bullshit, fucking shit that you can’t see the reality of the situation and how fucked up you are being to not just yourself, the environment, but everyone else around you and energy, vibes, and everything is fucking very sensitive and spreads like a fucking wild fire so you need to just turn down your flame because everyone else is fucking lit too so fucking just chill please god damn because you are making me freak the fuck out as well and I don’t deserve, need or want that at all. So fucking cut your shit and be the fucking man you want to be. 


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