REVENGE OF THE DARK KNIGHT (Book#01, Chapter#02) Read Count : 8

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Fantasy

4 colorful metroides crashed on the different directions of the planet. 2 were crashed on the extremely hot side and 2 were crashed on the extremely cold side. After crashing, 4  big visports came into being on the planet. Reddish yellow and purple metroides crashed on the hot side. Dark blue and silver white crashed on cold side. But that wasn't any astroids or metroides. They were huge powerful and MIGHTY TITANS. The strange thing was that they are huge like a mountain and have super natural powers and every one have different powers. The two titans that crashed on hot side one of them have a body of fire and two huge fire wings. He was able to control make and distroy fire and lava he have a power through which he can made those creatures that can lived in and under the fire and lava. And his name was HATREX the Lord of Fire. His heart was made up from bravery passion and friendship.  And the second was have purple glowing body and can control or creat any thing and can made illusions. He cannot made creatures of his nature but he can put soul of magic in Hatrex creatures. Basically he have the power of magic and he was called ZEKXIOUS the Lord of Magic and Illusions. His heart was made up from cleverity, power and no mercy. On the other side the silver white titan was a female titan. Her body was made up from water and ice. Like Zekxious she only can soul up the bodies. But she also can control, change shape and distroy water. She also can manipulate the weather. She can freeze the water is no time. She was extremely beautiful and powerful. Her name was FROZERA the Lord of Water, Ice & Coldness. Her heart was made up from kindness love & innocence. Now only one titan is left. He was the most powerful intelligent & mighty titan from all titans. He can destroy whole sun & planet alone. He can control and produce lightning & thunder. He also can manipulate the weather. But one power made him different that he can travel with the speed of light & can control time speed too but the problem was that he cannot use them anytime because after activation of this power he become weaker for sometime & he have to charge him self from the mighty thunder for some hours. The name of this mighty titan was THUNDREX the Lord of Lightning and Thunder & the leader of all titans. His heart was made up of pastroism kindness and fearlessness. After this they all reached at the middle place of the planet were hot and cold sides joined. They all watched each other and confused. But then a bright light with a earthquake came on that place and a voice came down from there...



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