Russian Poetry And Poems In English By My Beloved Russian Mistress Season 3 Read Count : 21

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Drama
Each time you go
I feel like it's forever -
I step outside the flow
And dive as deep as ever,

Each time you smile
I feel like world is blooming,
My heart beats really fast while
Everything is looming,

Each time you call
My name I feel like heaven,
I'm not afraid to fall,
I'm safe 24/7,

Each time you touch
I feel like I can fly,
This may sound too much:
I want you to be mine...,

You are like a shop window which I sometimes pass by,
But I don't look for a reflection of mine
In you, it's been a while, So.. fly away,
Don't get back,
You may stay
Wherever you are,
I don't care anymore....


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