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The fact that I met you and fell in love with you instantly still amazes me.
We were happy.
We loved and cared for each other
Now, I can't say that it's going well.
Infact it isn't even there, the love and happiness we both shared

I hate that I still love you so much
That I see you in every person I look at.
That I can tell your eyes even from a distance.
that I can tell the shape of your head , your hairstyle I can tell it's you even from the back.

I hate that I want to see you so bad and when I see you , I don't have the same feeling I had long ago.
That you don't see me anymore.
That we lie to keep the relationship going and it's been long dead.
I hate that I can't say the word love without thinking of you... 💔


  • Nov 10, 2021

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