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1968 the first day of camp. Nick says welcome to shadyside and sunny val.. nick here's a scream. Sara says will it's ur brother nick.  Put her down will or I swear to God I'll tell mom.will says fine. Nick says why did you do that to her 🙄. Sarah says because she stole my money 💰. Nick says did you see her take it. Sarah says yeah. Camp Tommy says Ziggy your kicked out camp. Why Ziggy says they just tried to murder me. Nick says let's just let this one slide they're going to ask to ask about the burn on her arm. Fine Tommy says. Nick And walks out. Nick says I don't get a thank you. Ziggy says oh I'm sorry king of shadyside king of Sunnyvale future police officer Nick good thank you for helping poor shady sider  me oh I know I'll just roll my eyes like all the dumb kids at camp. Ziggy walks away. Nick left speechless. Catherine Tommy gets possessed. Camp Tommy kills a kid. Nick checks on Ziggy. They have a happy time together then kiss. Then Nick looks and finds the dead bodies. Nick throws up. Then tell Ziggy. They supposed to run to the safe room with the camper's. Ziggy says I got to go find my sister. Nick says stop. Ziggy says let me. Nick says I'm not letting you get hurt campers look at them. Nick says I'm going. Nick and Ziggy go. then Tommy sdabs nick with a ax. Nick tells Ziggy to go. Ziggy cries and goes and find her sister's dead body. The killer Tommy kills Ziggy then leaves. Nick gives Ziggy CPR. Ziggy wakes up. Nick and Ziggy move away from each other. Nick becomes a police officer. Ziggy lives in the house and just washed his then found a book.


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