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if  I  die,
the news alone will make a lot cry,
they may deny,
but  unto man  death belongs.
The town shall be in sorrow,

where shall I be?
what if my soul stares ?
will I drink from the lethe?

The atmosphere shall be bittersweet.
after all I have lived, I have died.
I related with a lot till the casket,
present enemies and loved ones will be.

 The burial time  shall come,
the motionless me will go home,
Tears will certainly jolt through every eyes.
sadness,sorrow and grief shall be seen;
but the greatest is the grief .

the picture of my funeral  keeps coming,
And  I see the motionless me wrapped;
my only companion shall be the prayer said.
 indeed,"Nipa ns3 hwee" 

the bidding of farewells will alert me I'm going,
Tears that Can flood will accompany me.
"Ubanjiginka ye jikanka", the last words for me.

Naked I shall  be sent,
in my coffin, shall lie my deeds,
As the  vehicle moves,
"laa illaaha ilallah"  the melodious exaltation I shall hear.

A self contain shall await,
As soon as they reach,
they shall plant me .
pitter-patter! foot I shall hear go



  • Nov 09, 2021

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