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I have been loved 
since I was born 
when I was a child, 
who interested in people 
my relationship with people 
wasn’t that great, 
my communication 
wasn’t that good 
nobody didn't know 
how to communicate with me, 
I went to a few sleepovers 
a few time 
didn’t know how to 
take care of myself 
nobody won’t let me in 
one of my female parent 
took me to find friends 
to play with, 
she does everything for me 
to find my true happiness 
this is the truth about my childhood 
she felt bad for me 
didn’t have time to play with me, 
I used to be an only child 
before my younger brother was born 
I used to be lonely 
wanted her to play with me, 
she took me everywhere to find friends 
when I was in elementary school
my positivity and happiness of joy 
friends and classmates loved 
to be around me, 
I always loved to smile 
bright people’s day, 
used to be attractive 
since I was a child 
attracted by people 
included my female parent’s best friends 
both of my parents took me to many places 
and traveled around the world 
wanted me to understand what is the world like, 
as I just can’t know what 
the world is like 
as I went to this public school 
in Kirkland 
I can't keep up with other peoples 
I was there for one year 
both of my parents and I 
moved to the island, 
where I’m living now 
it was connected to the I-90 bridge 
enrolled in high school 
I started as a freshman and Sophomore year 
I was still a teenager 
I still have my positivity 
I used to be flexible 
can adapt my life as a teenager 
I used my strength 
made me become 
not depend on authority 
I’m good at knowing 
what was my job duties 
without anyone helping me 
I’m good at maintaining and controlling myself 
very well, 
listen to my teacher and follow the rule 
do what my teacher what me to do 
all of my teachers amazed 
by how good I was behaving, 
last final year 
wasn’t going very well 
I was feeling unwell 
I had an anxious thought 
can’t sleep very well at night 
I felt tired and weak 
unable to communicate
what I was feeling 
I had a racing heart 
I felt a loss of control 
wasn’t aware of everything around me 
didn’t know I was mentally trapped 
when I went home 
I was excessive crying 
when I went into my room 
didn’t tell her what is happening 
to me, 
I wasn't in the state of mind 
to tell her the truth 
what is going on with me, 
I keep it to myself 
when I finally graduated from 
high school 
thought I was free, but I’m not 
wasn’t aware I got 
socially bullied, 
waited until I was 21 
I enrolled in college 
in the year 2017–2018 
I had four classes,
at the beginning of 
my college years 
I had drama, English writing, 
Spanish, Chinese 
went to another college school 
to take a Chinese class 
in factorial 
I had an anxious thought 
can’t sleep very well 
when I got overwhelmed 
I can’t stop my excessive crying 
in front of all the people I met 
when I was in my first relationship 
can’t control what I behaved 
can’t control what I said 
including the friends he had 
pressured me to move on 
with my life 
I was at my lowest point 
he broke up with me 
had moved away 
nobody knew I went 
through same as he did 
feel the same way as he did 
I know what it feels like for him, 
do you think is easy for me to move on with my life 
and let go of him if I have things in common with his mental health? 
didn't know what to do right now 


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