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I want to.
Lady Ti.

I want to talk to you so badly,
I want to tell you that i love you,just one more time.
And feel your touch again.
I want to look into your eyes,and tell you that...
That you regn my whole universe.

I want to tell you how important you are to me,
And that i don't want to loose you.
I want to hug you so tight,and feel your embrace.
I want to hol

... but i dont wanna feel unworthy again.
I don't wana feel desperate,
Despised and rejected.
No i don't wanna get hurt again.
You once tore me apart,my heart is tattered.
You brought me down,and broke me completely,
But how could you be so mean.
How could you do that to me.
How could...


I just hope one day it won't hurt anymore.
Someday, I won't have to cry myself to sleep.
I hope one day i ekll be okay.
One day,i will be fine.


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