REVENGE OF THE DARK KNIGHT (Book#01, Chapter#01) Read Count : 22

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Fantasy


We all know how our world came into being. A huge astroid smashed with sun and broke into pieces which is called the Big Bang. Then our whole Solar System came into being and the Earth is one of them. But we never discussed that astroid which was smashed with sun. So today I will tell you about that astroid. First of all that was not an astroid that was a planet. Before billions trillions centuries of Big Bang there was nothing in the space except our sun. The sun was 2 times bigger then today's sun and powerful too. After 2 years there was some moment in the space. A huge star coming towards the sun fastly. It's was looked like that it will crashed with sun but  slowly slowly it's speed getting low and finally it stopped in front of the sun and started revolving around the sun. That planet was a dead planet. No living creature can even walk there. After 100 years slowly slowly its revolvation stopped. And it's one side faced the sun and second was getting extremely cold. After 20 years that dead planet looks like a two colour ball. One of it's side got extremely hot even no one cannot came near to it. But the second was extremely cold. If we stepped on it's surface we will be freezed in a moment. No one can survived in this type of confusing environment. But we all know and believe ALLAH the one and only mighty God can do anything. Then after 2000 years something stranged happened around that dead planet....



  • Nov 09, 2021

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