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Deep down they intend to bring war upon us
But they teach us to preach peace
They hate us
But tell us to spread love
What happens to us after obeying all these truthful lies?
Yeah they practice not what they teach
But we do practice all, I mean every inch
So which is right?
What happens to the blind people led by a blind man?
They see not clear where we go
But yet commands us to run
Here we live in a world where imperfect people teaches perfection
Such a wonderful place to be
7billion people but just a few are humans, 
A big world with a small universe
The youth today crave amenities 
Stressing themselves for things they need not at the moment 
And remember, the generation that invented the internet and smartphones also played  outside as children
And now here we are obsessed with these devices making us uncreative and lazy
So what if we are all missing?
What if the cycle still repeats?
What if they meant no trauma?
What if they think they're smarter than the smart ones?
What if all this while our leaders just can't see forth?
What if all this while the world is led with a black bulb?
What if......?


  • Nov 08, 2021

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