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These days I'm just a shell of who I was.
Took so long just to move on.
Had to go about it the long way;
Couldn't learn through the easy way.

Minds gone a bit insane.
Can't stand right, so I keep leaning;
On that wall in my viewing.
There's never been a sense of controlling.

I ain't told a soul 'bout none of my burdens
Who needs the sermons;
I party with these demons
Because I'm so sick of just feeling.

Y'all gonna get sick of my breathing.
Nothing makes sense with this brewing.
New brand, there is no improving.
Here's my heart now, I'm done preventing it from breaking.

Give me peace, fuck this hating.
It's danger I'm sending;
Because I'm sick of always changing
To fit their imaging. 

Another new state of derangement
Thoughts aligned in a new arrangement
Trying not to hit another arraignment
Here's to never again hindering. 


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