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Chapter one: San Francisco 

San Francisco, California 1994
Levi Versailles, a hard-headed, teen rebel stared out his window trying to see the Golden Gate Bridge shining it's all red glory from afar, it be an awesome idea to skateboard on it he thought, smirking just thinking about it.

"Don't even think about" Sophia said in a stern face, grabbing Levi's shoulder as he was already half way out the window. Levi slowly backed away from the window to face her "I was just stretching my legs" he said with a smirk, as soon as he said that; Alex burst through the door with skateboard under his arm and said "Yo...I got your message, we going to the bridge or not?".
Levi's eyes widen then signal to Sophia, she glared at both of them then grabbed both their arms and dragged them downstairs "I won't let you miss another day of school you knuckleheads" she announced.
When they were barley out the door, Levi's aunt popped her head out the kitchen and shouted "Hey", stopping Sophia on her tracks "Here make sure they eat" she continued handing Sophia lunch bags "Will do" Sophia replied.

Opening the door the 3 of them stepped into the morning light, the sounds of cars and busy people walking almost felt like they step into a different dimension, away from the quiet serenity of Levi's victorian home.

Emerging from behind a hilly road, 3 familiar  figures appeared "Hey you guys!" Yelled Eve waving her hand. Eve, Lisa and Himari, 3 high young girls walking side by side approaching them, Eve is a very loud girl who's very outgoing and prone to fast talking, Lisa with her beautiful dreadlocks and her liking to wear overalls and there's Himari a bright, cheerful and funny girl.

"I got your message Alex, so we're heading that way?" Eve asked, Alex had a lollipop, taking it out his mouth he looked the other way and pointed with the red cherry lollipop to the golden gate bridge in the distance "Of course" he responded winking. "Really?" Sophia said unpleasantly "We need to show you sometime really cool, just come with us" Lisa told her grabbing her arm and dragging her along "Yeah and if you don't like it you can always hit Levi, he's the one who wants you to come" Himari said grabbing her other arm, Sophia couldn't help but to go alone with it.

The group started walking along 21st Avenue, the morning air flew by, gracing everyone's hair as people walked by on their way to work or school. The sound of a boom box could be her heard blasting a TLC song as a group of kids break danced to it, nothing but people living their best moments.

Levi was enjoying the vibe of the bay streets when he noticed a large object in the sky, it seem like it was hurtling towards the city. His eyes opened wide and pointed up "Guys..." he gulp, he couldn't believe how unusual it looked "Look..up now!" He shouted in disbelief. Everyone turn to him surprised then to the clear blue sky "What?" Alex asked him, everyone said the same. "You all don't see it...its-" Levi turn again and saw it was gone, he couldn't wrap his mind around what it was; only that it was a large blur and very shiny wings "Nothing". Eve approached him "Come on, we still not in school and you're starting to daydream" grabbing his arm and running ahead of them. Everyone yelled out for them to slow down except Sophia she still was facing the sky, I swear something fell down near the golden gate bridge, she thought.

Arriving at Fort Point underneath the Golden Gate Bridge, the group of friends sat down near the beach on concrete blocks, 5 minutes pass without anyone saying a word while Himari was whistling trying to not ruin the suprise. "Alright...what cool thing you all wanted me to see" Sophia commanded looking around aimlessly trying to figure why they dragged her here, when they could've been in school. Lisa who couldn't hold her excitement any longer shouted "Happy birthday!!!" Pointing at the bridge behind her, Eve stood up annoyed and said "You weren't supposed to tell her that before-" she got cut off by a large BOOM!. A large banner fell down from the bridge saying "Happy Birthday Sophi".

"Happy birthday Sophi" Himari yelled out excitingly, with one of those party noice whistles and a birthday hat, Sophia's face turn red and smiled happily. Levi stood beside her and said "We all pitched in to buy the banner, also Alex was the only who put it up, although we offered to help but you know how he is...stubborn as always" while Alex heard it and threw his lollipop to Levi hitting him on top if his head, this anger Levi soon they started wrestling.

"I love it, thank you all" Sophia's smiled "What happen to the a in my name" she questioned, Alex quickly let go of Levi who came tumbling down "Just wait a moment" he said as he began to walk behind fort point and onto the red bridge. The group stayed talking and having fun as they appreciated the time they're together, forgetting about school and the future; the present only matter to them.
"I'll be back, save my seat Himari" Eve said as she went in the back of the fort, Himari just stared blankly and confused "What seat?" She signal at the huge space of concrete block they were sitting at.

As the rest of the group laughed, Levi noticed a large glowing light behind the fort for a second then it disappeared.

Eve mysteriously walked towards the other side of the bridge hoping on slippery rocks, she had her focus on one thing. Levi began following her, hoping he could give her a good scare, she reached a clearing and saw that she was talking to someone, she could make out who it was but because the sun seem so bright in front of her; too bright. As he got closer he soon realized it wasn't the sun but a thing, a creature, his mind was trying to make sense of it. He got to see it more clearly as the light began fading, it had wheels; maybe like 2 or 4 rows of them, covered with eyes. As soon as he could say anything else, Levi began feeling light headed and passed out, the last thing he saw was Eve running towards him.

While unconscious Levi saw the spinning wheel creature, a disturbing yet similar feeling is what Levi felt at that moment, then SWOOSH!  he frantically woke up and started looking around, with only familiar faces staring back at him "Levi...are you okay?" Sophia asked him with a worrying look alone with the others "Let's take him to the hospital" Lisa exclaimed, everyone agreed.

"No..am..alright, let's head to school" he responded as he looked towards Eve who was looking worry like the others yet Levi could tell she was thinking something else "Eve...what happened? I thought I saw-" Eve interrupted him and said "Alex! Let's help Levi stand up, don't worry knucklehead; you slipped in a rock and fell" her demeanor seem odd to Levi. Alex grabbed a hold of him and they began walking, Sophia had a weird feeling, as she held Levi's other side "Sorry I ruined you're birthday" Levi said sadly.

"Don't worry...you didn't ruined it, the day isn't over yet" she told him smiling "That's right, You're just getting old" Alex said smirking as the group of friends began walking to school.

George Washington high school, a few minutes away, the group arrived just in time for class, the bell rung and they waved to each other; separating to each class except Levi and Sophia who mainly have classes together. While entering their classroom, Sophia quickly sat behind Levi and whispered in his ear "Tell me...what really happen when you hit your head?", Levi turn to face her inches from her face and said "I saw..." Levi paused Sophia lean in closer to hear more clearly almost inches away from his face, Levi continued "I saw...a dolphin" he grin from ear to ear. Sophia's face went from intrigued to annoyed "There's only dolphins in southern cali" she stated. Levi liked messing with her even thought she sought revenge later somehow "Mr.Versailles and Ms.Meryt, why are you too still talking?" The teacher said keeping his arms crossed.

"It's so obvious, they're both madly in love with each other" Gina said a blonde girl sitting across Sophia, Sophia responded with "Aren't you still single or are you still dating those five poor guys". There was almost a full blown fight between the two as Sophia stood up and Gina had a frightened look but the teacher clapped his hands together once and announced "Alright, either you two settle down or go to the principal's office...again", this wasn't there first time fighting and will not be the last.

Later on in the cafeteria....
Levi first sat in a empty table putting down his poor-quality food, followed by Sophia then Max, Himari, Lisa, Eve. "You know what I found?" Himari announced while everyone was casually eating "What...wait nevermind it's probably a prank" said Max taking a bite of his stale cold, bad copy of a cheeseburger. "No! Nothing like that...I promise" Himari said saying loudly then lowering down her voice and leaning inwards and whispered "I found a haunted mansion, let's go and explore it" her brown eyes were so wide open, all of them never saw her like this, they were a bit surprised.
Whispers could be heard around the cafeteria

"They're so weird", "I heard that they been in more fights", "No way those 2 losers could be dating one them four hotties, I hate them with a passion" followed by a small cry.

The group didn't know what to think of Himari's proposal, they looked at each other without saying anything for a minute while Himari eyes were glued to Levi's, Levi stood up and pushed Himari back to her seat carefully; he was about to open his mouth to say something until Lisa interrupted "That sounds like a great idea...at least it'll be a different change from fighting with other people". Max stood up and started clapping, making everyone around the cafeteria look at him "Yes, good thinking...don't you think so, Levi?" He said looking at Levi, Levi has a bit bewildered "I have to say it's crazy but I'm down to whatever, it could be fun" Levi said smiling, sitting back down and sipping on his milk but Sophia had a scowl on her face and before she could say anything Eve hugged her with one arm and asked her "You heard Levi...come on you need to relax and have fun while you're still young" grabbing Max's cheeseburger and taking a big bite out of it making Max mad in the process while they all laughed.

Sophia stood up and gazing at Levi "Hey can I talk to you?" She asked him, Levi had no idea what she wanted to talk about "Sure..." he responded as he followed her outside the cafeteria. The group looked at each other with confused looks "Wow...those two always go off alone recently...they even sleep together" Mori said, "Well you know the situation with Sophia and well they've known each other since they were 2 years old and we'll met them since we all were 5 years old and we also slept at his house a couple simes so it's not a big deal" Eve told her.

"Don't tell...You're jealous?" Eve said jokingly with a smirk "What..no..um..you the one that's jealous" Mori said turning the other way around nervously, as Max let out the biggest laugh "ahahahahahaha" making Mori red and Lisa wrapping her arm around her trying to comfort her.

Sophia lead Levi around the school until finally they were outside on the empty football field, no one in sight Sophia stop in the center of the field and turn around to face Levi. "Levi I know we talked about this but I just wanted to...um have a plan, if ever that happens again..I don't want any of our friends get hurt" she said with a serious face, Levi looked serious too then without warning he grabbed ahold of Sophia's hand and lead her up the metal bleachers, step by step they walked up until they reach the very top. His emerald eyes locked with her silver eyes and then pointed behind her, she turn around and saw the red golden gate bridge "You see it don't you? What did I always said to you...as long as the crimson bridge still stands..I won't ever let anyone hurt you or our friends, I promise you, trust me" he explain feeling a burning sensation in his chest, there was silent for a minute; the morning fog still was lingering in the air making it the city a bit cool.

" Yeah you're right...I guess I shouldn't act weak" Sophia replied exhaling; trying to keep her cool and glancing at her scar on her left hand. "I never thought you were weak, if anything I think you're stronger then me" Levi smiled making Sophia also smile. "Race you to the bottom" Levi announced already heading down the bleachers "Hey not fair" yelled Sophia following after him

Arriving at the bottom; Levi cheer on, raising his hands a declaring himself a winner "Hey cheater, next time ill have you tie to me then we'll know who's the real winner" Sophia said almost out of breath. As he was still cheering, Sophia looked behind him and her heart began racing, as soon as Levi saw her face he turn around and stop cheering then in a split second turn dead serious. "Well well...well it's a real nice pleasure to meet you two in this area,  our turf" said a tall student wearing a blue tank top and messy black hair with gym shorts; behind his stood 5 more guys all looked mean and their eyes feel with anger. Sophia immediately stood beside Levi ready to strike if it came to that "Oh come on!, you still want to do this again even though we beat your asses? Walk away Tommy" Levi taunted them making the leader who was clearly the tall guy "Well I ain't giving up, you all are hella crazy but we're crazier" Tommy said signaling his crew to advance on our direction. Sophia "As if..." Sophia told Tommy making him pop a vain in his forehead crossing her arms "What now?" She asked Levi, Levi was nervous, thinking of thousands of senerios where they could escape but it was too late as the five students surrounded them in a circle, he looked back at Sophia and said "Oh well...it's not our first time getting beat up...but this time,run", "No" she quickly replied "I'll never leave you alone".

Waiting for the first hit to be thrown, they both got closer together, it seem the world was standing still and time had stop for a bit. Until someone yelled out "Hey! Rugrats!", everyone turn to see who it was; Eve stood in the corner of the metal bleachers with a bat in hand, followed by Alex and Lisa. They quickly ran up to the situation in the middle of the field "Oh look who it is...the witch, the pretty boy and the nerd" Tommy said grinning "Where's jiggles?" One of his friends ask laughing, jiggles was a nickname for Mori because she had big breasts.

"Jiggles is right here" out of nowhere a metal chair crashed into the student who asked the question, making a crushing sound as the boy tumble down unconscious on the floor. Mori stood atop of the boy panting "Now...what did I miss? She playfully asked.

Eve got really close to Tommy who was still astonish of what just happen to his friend  "Listen sucka, you mess with of us, you're calling for the rest of hell to get your ass" Eve said not breaking eye contact for a minute. Tommy step back and took his unconscious friend by the arm and dragged him away; the rest of his goons followed him into the building.

"I uhh...thanks all of you" Levi said smiling "Yeah, that was a close one" Sophia added.

"Yeah, well you know we da bomb" Alex said grabbing Levi in a headlock, Mori was still standing in the same spot until Lisa stood next to her and asked "You okay?", "What...yeah, I felt alive" Mori cheerfully said.

The bell rung; a sign that lunch was over, everyone got there heads clear and proceeded to enter to their next classes.

After school, Levi and his friends were walking home ready to relax and enjoy their free time having fun together. The sun was still high in the sky, with no clouds; just a empty blue sky, "You know what I just did...I just made Tommy and his thugs get detention" Lisa said grinning. "How did you manage that?" Asked Alex, "While everyone was in class me and Mori broke into their lockers and put some stuff we got from Carl" Lisa explained.

Sophia stopped walking and turn to Lisa and said "Wait...Carl the wrestling champion who's a bigger bully then Tommy? How the hell did you got his stuff? I don't think-" Sophia stopped talking because Lisa was laughing with Mori "Yeah...anyways Carl always starting something with is too and I happen to see him put his wrestling bag down and borrowed it" Alex said pulling his white hair back, feeling proud of his accomplishment. "Good one guys" Eve said while bursting out loudly "Oh..wow, now it's all set, we just wait and see what happens with those two bullies, that should keep them off our backs for a few days" Eve continued.
"Well...at least that'll keep them busy" Levi chuckled turning to see Sophia but her face had a disapproving expression "Cheer up, if they hadn't done that, they would've showed up here and would've fought them...again, it's a great temporary solution" Levi said  while Sophia just nodded "yeah" and they all keep on walking.

"We're here" Mori said skipping on ahead and pointing to a huge two story mansion in between two other smaller houses, the outside looked very old, a victorian home with a big double doors in the front and it seem to have a garden out back because there was a small ally with black gates leading to the side of it. "Hold up...weren't we going to Golden Gate park?" Said Sophia looking straight up the  enormous building "You know Mori, she always leads up where we need to go" Max said.

"Let's go!!!" Lisa shouted moving promptly to the front doors "Hell yeah!" Levi also shouted with a big smile following her. They all started to head towards the building except Eve who stood in silence with a blank stare and her mouth opened "You okay Eve?" Sophia asked while Eve stood there for another minute until Sophia grabbed her arm and finally she broke her trance "umm...yeah, I just...am fine, you go I'll follow you all behind...stay close to Levi" Eve told her making Sophia worry a bit. Today was not going to be an ordinary day, no; today is the day the whole truth will be revealed, Eve thought as she took a deep breathe and with took a step towards the crumpled building.


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