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Fez calm and tranquility,  within a heritage 
From medieval times, a rich rural past,
Whose panorama in a ideal setting 
Charm today the Palace with its floral countryside. 

The old cobblestone adjoining multiple arcades
Richly clothe the once adorned 
Of a domism of time to the sculptured facades,
The patina of time, vivid permanent relief.

In the tangle of quays and alcoves, 
What serenity transpires at every step
Athousand flowers with white, vermillion and mauve flashes,
Flatter the attention with a delicate charm.

Fez is an exquisite city with a bewitching soul,
From which I pick, dazzled, the loving pleasure
I offer you a conquered heart, a tender soul,
The breath of a memory that is so tasty.


  • Nov 06, 2021

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