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This poem speaks about love,
The one that blindfolds,
one that brings out one's folly,
The one which is like a game of chess. 

the agent of psychological problems.
The booster of sadness,
The foundation of depression
the summoner of suicide,

the one that's distracts the inner peace,
love! the nightmares of many.
i remember ,
the one that gave me a tree of deception.

The tree which i watered,
the tree which made promises.
most importantly,
to protect me from the scorching sun.

fed alot with it's fruit,
And later became the sun,
one that made my land desert.
one that seek to burn me.

pains untold but hidden in my locker.
love is a Ghost!
it looks real and unreal ,
fuck love for it has quenched alot of fire.


  • Nov 04, 2021

  • Barely makes sense in several parts. Learn the process, that's all I have to say.

    Nov 04, 2021

  • i feel it was a little disjointed and ended abruptly but the beginning and the parts with summoner of suicide was great.

    Nov 05, 2021

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