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A Pandemic story: Covid 2020 till ….  

           The year is 2021; and my sister Brooklea(lee) and I just finished watching the same Spongebob episode for the 50th time. Looking out the window into the dreary grey sky I think to myself, “when will tv be normal again, when will toilet paper not be so hard to find?” As I ponder these thoughts, Spongebob starts back up “Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?” Rolling my eyes I turn to the screen to drone out once again watching that yellow sponge and his pink star friend, Patrick chase jellyfish once more.     
           Just kidding, my name is Alexavier Gorey and I am a 10yr old boy living in a small town called Bradford Vermont. It is the year 2021 and I am in the fourth grade. I’m just your average kid who likes to crack a  joke and collect pokemon things; with one difference. When I’m not at home but in public I wear a face mask. Not like a Halloween mask you wear to scare people for fun, but a mask that covers my nose and mouth. Why do you ask? To keep people around me  and myself safe. Safe from what? Now that’s a good question. Well you see in the beginning of the year January 2020 the world got sick; sick from a virus called Coronavirus. A disease that turned the world upside and we needed to adapt to a new way of living.  

          Welcome to the pandemic of 2020, when will it end? Who knows I’m only 10, writing an assignment my teacher Ms Wanda Vaughen suggested. Guess what? My mooooooom is making me write it with her. (She’s always down to write, she’s a crazy book lover.) You see I’m on house lock down, otherwise known as quarantine. Meaning I can’t go to school until I have a test done, not a normal test. This test you go to a designated location to get a qtip put up your nose and then twirl it around your nostril, put it in a tube and send it to a lab. It’s not a great feeling, then again nothing in your nose is a good feeling. They do this because someone in my school technically in my grade has Coronavirus or also knows a Covid. A virus that passes quickly to other people and can be deadly.  
       Anywhoo, because someone in my class is sick the rest of fourth grade has to be in quarantine for 7 days before getting tested. This is to help stop the spread of the virus and make sure others around us don’t get sick. So now I’m home doing remote school learning. My mom and sometimes my dad needed to take time off from work, to be home with me this week. My parents don’t mind it, I know it stresses them out because they need their jobs. Mom says don’t worry about it, they make it work and all that matters is that my sister and I are well taken care of and healthy. (Boy they really love us.) Now I don’t mind staying home and doing assignments, but honestly who wants to do school at home when you have toys and games that need to be played with? Not to mention I would rather be in a classroom with all my friends learning and talking to my best friends Max and Jaxxon about fornite and the new season that came out. So let’s get on with this assignment. 
          Now being in school during this pandemic is a lot like being in school when there is no world upside crash pandemic thing. You get up, have breakfast, get your bag together and head out to the bus,(oh and yes I did brush my teeth.) When you get on the bus it's not different from any other bus, expect you have to sit in an assigned seat with your mask on, this helps the spread of the virus and if you do have the virus it’s easily traced to who may or may not have been in contact with you when you got it. See a normal bus ride I still get to talk to my friends and enjoy the ride to and from school. When we get to school we just go out back and play waiting for the bell to ring for homeroom. Guess what? We still have to have our masks on, but we get to run around and play tag or kick ball.  

       Being in the class we have to sit at a circle desk instead of a regular desk. I think it’s easier to clean for the teachers than having to clean things out of a regular desk. We have to continuously wash our hands for like 20 seconds (if you sing ABC slowly that’s 20 seconds or so I’m told.) but that’s just good hygiene practice anyways, who likes dirty hands with germs? Not me, that's for sure. School isn’t any different from when I first started in kindergarten except we have to wear face masks. It’s not so bad, we take breaks and pull them down in a safe location to breathe fresh air, then it’s right back to work. I like being in school more than I do at home in quarantine with having my parents help me. (It’s not that they are bad teachers or anything.) I just like seeing my friends and getting out of my house.  

       Mom says we are talking a lot about what it’s like in school and at home (quaranting) for the most part of this assignment. She says I should tell you how I feel about everything and what I think of all that’s changed. So here it goes I guess. Covid is horrible, I hate it, being cooped up inside for what seems to be weeks at a time, with my sister and sometimes both my parents, sometimes just my dad or just my mom. My mom works in the healthcare field as a cook at an assisted living home and my dad is a furniture maker at a factory here in town. Now staying home isn’t always so bad because you get to relax and enjoy things like playing games, eating whatever you want and watching tv being lazy, but I miss my friends. Sure I can call them on the phone or video chat with them but it’s not the same as being able to play with them any other time when we don’t have to quarantine. Everyone says covid is scary, and it makes me scared to get it or my family to get it, mom says as long as we continue to be safe wearing our masks; staying home when we aren’t feeling good, and always washing our hands we are helping keep everyone safe.I still get to do things I love and see friends and family it’s just a little different. Wearing a face mask was difficult at first but I’m doing fine with it now. It won’t last forever (I hope anyways.) “Who Lives In a Pineapple Under the Sea….” 

 Alexavier D. Gorey 
November 3rd 2021 
Ms.Wanda Vaughen  
4th grade class 
 ( Lots of help with wording and creating this with  my mom Theresa)


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