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Ever since you told me 
about your childhood past 
I take that by heart, 
both of your best friends 
won't know your past 
only I understand you, 
you thought they were 
your best friends
have you told them about your disability? 
have you told them about you used 
Steve from Blue’s Clues? 
have you told them about your life experiences?
The truth is nobody won’t know this about you 
nobody won’t know your past 
used to tell me about your past, your dream future, your first job
no matter I hurt you 
I’m the only person 
who feel what you feel 
think what you think,
 experience what your experience 
as you didn’t know 
many years ago, 
my mother used to experience 
what your mother had experience 
even though she had my father 
many years ago
she used to be busy like your mother did 
she used to work as a medical doctor 
the truth is nobody won’t know your past 
like I do, 
I’m the only person
who stay
while other people have 
their partner and near future 
they just get married, 
even though you won’t say 
you have it when you have your new partner 
but, your anger management and the way you behave can give it away 
they’ll know you have a disability 
will mistreat you like in your childhood days 
there is nothing you can do 
two other options besides 
having me or being alone 
which one are you going to choose? 
don’t you say you’ll find another 
besides, I’m positive other people 
and new partner will mistreat you 
they won’t protect you 
they’ll hurt you, do you want protection and secure? 
I’m the only person who has that 
all of my life 
do you want other people to hurt you? 
rather being with me 
rethink your decision wisely? 


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