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Maybe I’m to misunderstood because I’m always the monster but can someone explain to me how am I suppose to react if the entire world is pointing a gun at me 


Like I have yet to run into a person who loves me for me

And God forbid if I speak if I just so dare to open my mouth and words come out they just might shoot if I express anything so much as to a tiny bit of how I’m feeling or what I see

They become prideful and egotistic  

Cause how dare I display the flaws in someone else’s character 

How dare I point out someone else’s flaws other than my own 

People tend to invite their bad habits in and call it home 

And I just want all of mine gone I can list mine from head to toe 

I can be vindictive when I feel crossed 

I can be manipulative when my house doesn’t feel like home

Hurtful words can roll off my tongue when I don’t feel at peace 

I can be stuck in my ways when change looks too unfamiliar to me 

I’m too honest when I feel hurt 

 And I’m scared of love cause it hurts 

But maybe I should just put myself on mute 

And continue to write Instead of speak 

Because that’s what I’m use too


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