Love Or Love Me Not Read Count : 23

Category : Poems

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Sometimes she mistakes over protective as love because she’s never had protection

Some how her roses aren’t red and her violets aren’t blue 

Matter of fact she doesn’t even prefer roses 

She prefers sunflowers instead

Or maybe water lilies 

These are thoughts she thinks 

While her face is red

With the lipstick she wore from the night before

She feels her face pressed against the cold floor 

She finds herself laying next to the roses he gave her 

Next to the same apology letter he gave 


That read:

“I’ll never do it again” 

She’s heard that many times before she finds herself right back on the same cold floor 

Roses are RED and her eye is always BLUE 

Let me make something very clear to you

You are too Beautiful for such an ugly man

Too smart and strong for such 

A weak minded man

Love is not a BLUE eye at night 

And RED roses by the morning 

Find peace in strength to leave

Find peace in your loneliness 

Find enough pieces to heal your 



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