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What happened to our Earth?

Lost, without the warmth of the ground dissolving into the air.
Ide, people who glare with no care dissipation foremost in despair.
Free, burdens hold down our loved valuable land of hope.
Exit, dying through-out ages of untold destruction brought into play.

Ice, colder than the years long before my time living on this depraved land.
Suspicious, the circumstances tell the stories as disasters scourge.

Gold, in the eye of the uncaring beholder turning his head away from his sins.
Order, dismantled leaving treads of what's left taken by the lonely wind.
Left, to watch it deteriorating right before my eyes no matter what I decry.
Death, as it shrouds our world you cannot hide it's putrid contamination of air.


  • Nov 03, 2021

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