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I will speak about white, 
Today I want it to write,
This color how they shout,
What do you know about?

Color which shows everywhere you start,
Only after your first meet,
It shows your own smart,
In how you are neat.

Color which used In test, 
When you want to paint,
Writing what they have tought,
It plays part about art.

When wearing it at night,
It acts itself as right,
Who likes white are bright,
Their decision usually are light.

Color which shows other state,
Color which iself very straight,
Wearing it with a skirt,
Covering yourself with a shirt.

When wearing it and fight,
It will collect all dust,
Even if you eat meat,
You will forget if brought. 

Color which anyone can bought,  
All countries they have select,
Color which has no fault,
Collect all different thought. 


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