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The teacher was a little taken back. She could tell the by his expression that was on his face. He sighed " looks like we got another trouble maker". The demon boy smirked as he stood up " finally!". As he continued with his speech

" names ben and you are ". She looked over at him as he sat down.

 " Alex" that's all she said, not another pep as another kid walked in. His head hung low as two big pieces of pink hair went down his shoulders. Only a small ponytail stuck out from the back of his head. As he walked past her a black slick tail with a little heart at the end goes past her. She watched him for a second then sat. His head was still low as he wore dark blue sweat pants and a thin crop top hoodie color red. Under the small hoodie there was a black t-shirt. When he lifted his head a smirk was on his face looking at Ben.

" flirting with the new girl already ben~". Alex immediately blushed and turned her head to the pink haired boy. She growled" the fuck dude!?". He gave her a different smile, one more soft and warm. " My name is Roz, son of Lucifer". His eyes glowed red for a second as his tail twitched. She started to calm down a bit and sighed. " My name is Alex and…". She looked around the room then spoke in a voice which everyone could hear.

 " a kitsune". The girls in the back let out a small gasp and start to whisper to each other. Girl 1 " I hear they turn evil the moment they stand under a full moon". Girl 2 " haha no she just has a temper". Alex sat there listening to their comments. She looked down at the floor then turned around to the front of the class. The teacher sighed once more

 " now that this is over, let's begin class". Roz looked in front of him at alex. She was quiet the rest of the class period. Class soon ended with homework for the students. Alex stood up putting her thinges in her bag as roz started to head for the door. Ben ran out the door chasing after the nerd he was messing with earlier. The group of girls walked over and surrounded alex. She looked up and looked at each one of them in their eyes with an expressionless face. Girl 1 " my name is Jewel and I am the leader of this group ". Alex lifted up her hand and pointed to an empty corner. All the girls look in the direction she points. Alex says in a sarcastic tone " that over there ladys is how many fucks I give". All the girls were confused for about 5 minutes until Jewel figured it out. Jewel immediately lifted up her hand to slap Alex. Next thing they know roz is in front of jewel holding onto her wrist tightly. He lifts up his head with a psycho smile on.

" you shouldn't do that". Jewel begins to physically shake as roz squeezes her wrist tighter. " ow! Stop!". Alex came between the two and placed her hands on Roz's chest.

" please calm down roz i'm not hurt". She pleaded with him until he finally let go of jewels wrist leaving a very black and blue bruise. Tears formed in jewels eyes as she ran away like a race car on a track. " what the fuck roz!". Alex looked up at him being 6'3 as her being 5'3. " I was…." Roz looked away and mumbled " trying to protect you. ``What did you say" she asked, somewhat confused. They had only meet today. Rozs smile came back as he looked at her " i've met your stepdad down in hel-". He was cut off by Alex grabbing the collar of his shirt aggressively pulling his face closer to her. " how do you know about my step dad, pinky!". " ok first rude much and second yeah he's in hell right now… he deserved it for what he did to you". Alex now had tears running down her face as she began shaking from the memories of what her stepdad had done to her. " wait- don't cry! I'm so sorry! ". He went to put a hand on her shoulder for comfort but she pushed his hand away. 

" don't tell anyone…. Please". She looked up at him sadly. Roz could only nod not knowing what to say after making her cry. She passed him slightly bumping into him as she walked out of the door and to her next class. After hours had passed she finally had a study hall where she could get some work done. She took her seat all the way in the back. The teacher walked in and it surprised her seeing a nice little old lady walk in. She had short white curly hair and had a green poncho on. A cute light pink shirt on and baggy black sweetpants. She wasn't hunched over like most people would think. She was carrying a bunch of text books as she started to drop them. Alex quickly got up and was over there standing her up with the books within a second. " oh my! Thank you young lady, so fast you are my dear! ". Alex would smile and nod her head as she took the text books and put them away for her. As she was doing that, Roz walked in, giving the teacher a warm smile. " oh good morning ms. Rose how are you doing this fine evening". She sighed and sat down in her chair " well this nice young lady helped me when I almost fell with some books". Roz gasped " i told you not to carry stuff that was to heavy for you Mr. Rose". Alex came out from the back " alright there all put away ma'am". Alex looked up and was surprised to see roz in her classroom, she didn't know he would be in her class again. Roz only smiled at her as she walked away to her seat in the back. Alex sighed and sat down then flinched as she looked over to the left seeing roz sitting right next to her. " ha your not the only one here with powers girly~". 


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