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While you ignore me, 
Talking to others for hours,
You make me understand 
That my intuition never cheats.  
Girl, you're free.

  It doesn't matter how long you say
 I'm the only problem,
 That you never lie, 
You're always looking for excuses...
Another lie to make me believe.

 I'm tired of hearing the same words
 That make me think
 I look crazy in your eyes
 And you're always right...
But the way you laugh at my tears...

  I see more than I say, 
I know your actions, 
I know how much free time 
You had before...

 Suddenly you become busy
 Even though I only see you offline
 When you go to sleep.  

But time heals wounds,
 The cold dries the tears, 
The words stop on the lips.

  I have nothing more to tell you.
'Caue you are busy while
 You talk to others... ignoring me.  
Girl, you're free.

You want me to be another extra person 
Who pays attention to you, 
Just an option,
 When you have no one to talk to.


  • Nov 03, 2021

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