Castle Café Events In October Season 2 (En France 🇫🇷) Read Count : 19

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Drama

Chapter Two. 

Mistress Georgina Van Díez . 

 Laughs out loud & Spits in his face “Good Girl Daisy , you are nothing but an object and a useless worm to me now back to cleaning my boots, lick them bitch”

As She looks down at Her bitch hard at work on  the boot Mistress Georgina Van Díez . 

 puts Her other boot on the back of Her slave, making it a boot rest

after about 45 minutes Mistress Georgina Van Díez . 

 says abruptly “stop licking bitch,kneel before Me”

it complies immediately, on its knees before it's   Mistress , hands behind its back, Mistress Georgina Van Díez . 

 looks at Daisy and laughs, raising a boot to the bitches cock Mistress moves it about with Her boot “you have such a tiny cock bitch, only good for one thing isn't it bitch?” 

“Yes Mistress Georgina Van Díez . 

” Daisy replies to


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