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Hey Dad- you are probably wondering why it is that my demeanor and attitude has changed towards you and/or why I your daughter doesn't/don't like to sit close to you and/or like to be left alone by myself with you - if you can't/haven't figured it out yourself then you were right you don't have a real conscience especially when it comes being any kind of a real dad for it should be obvious for anyone to see and to know why I don't want to sit close to you or why I don't want to be left alone by myself with you and this all started after that day you had asked me if I would fuck you (which what kind of dad asks their own child that question?) And you've said it two or more times to Chris something close to that but still refers to having me fuck you, and you can't figure out or understand why I refuse to pussy chase for you even though you have been forcibly trying to get me to pussy chasing for you especially when you had told my Chris that because I am supposed to be your caregiver that I am supposed to go out and pussy chasing for you if not then I can jump on your dick as you grabbed yourself while you had said it with me again your daughter sitting right next to you when you had said it to my husband Chris. Now who has the PSTD problem? Let's see here you've done made my PSTD flair up from my childhood abuse and rape that I had endured when I was a child and you want to sit there and talk about PSTD problems ha 


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