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My schedule was very tight 
I was busy every morning 
I woke up early, 
get everything ready 
ate my breakfast 
waited for the school bus, 
took me to school 
when I get there 
I saw him in front of me 
 had a massive crush 
on him, 
I can tell he wants to 
be a teacher assistant 
he can help me 
he refused when 
saw me make him 
felt discomfort 
he didn’t know 
or nobody knew 
I was feeling unwell 
due to stress 
went to my first class 
took charge of the plan to prepare to 
grocery shopping list, 
we took the metro bus 
to bought ingredients
to make delicious food 
this was part of cooking class 
I’m taking 
when we went back to school 
we begin to learn how to cook 
food ourselves,
finished cooking we taste 
what we made 
I washed and clean up 
without authority’s help 
in between classes 
I had job and volunteering duties 
I get ready to go to 
my next class that was 
going to choir
we sang numerous songs 
sometimes we rehearsed 
 for a choir concert 
sometimes we take a choir trip 
to Anaheim and Disneyland 
we sang on Martin Luther King Day 
that was back in the year 2010-2011
we learned to sing all different songs 
my vocal in a soprano range, 
my social skill teacher was there 
also, I had a teacher assistant 
came to help me, 
we played a board game 
to practice with social skill 
had my lunch break 
sometimes I brought lunch 
from home, 
sometimes I buy lunch 
from the cafeteria
I love to eat pizza 
or sometimes cheeseburger 
French fries with 
my favorite drink 
I loved to drink soda 
it was my favorite 
I’m an emotional eater 
due to severe stress 
when it is time to 
went into my Spanish class 
we learned a lot of Spanish 
learn to speak and write 
in Spanish, 
sometimes teachers let us 
talked in group section only in Spanish 
in between classes 
I had many jobs and volunteering duties to do
when it is time for 
my health class 
when I was there 
learned how to do 
learned a lot about health 
even get to watch a movie 
about the history of our favorite foods, 
were come from 
I was interested in all kinds of history 
including history about foods 
kept on learning a lot about it 
felt tired due to focus for a 
long time, 
remembered I fell asleep 
without anybody noticed 
when it is time for 
my next class 
went back to the 
same classroom 
I was in the morning 
had a reading session 
with a teacher 
gave me some fun easy question
to answers after reading a chapter 
when the session was over, 
I get to be on the computer 
until is time for me to 
pack my backpack 
hop onto the school bus, 
went back home 
do my Spanish homework 
sometimes I don’t 
I was not feeling well 
I was under a lot of pressure. 


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