Short Story Part 1 Read Count : 27

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Fantasy
She walks in through door of the new building. Had her black hair in a ponytail her fox ears on both side of her ears. Her black tail swaying side to side aonnyed.  Unfortunately the tip of her right ear was missing from a previous fight. As she walks through the halls she holds her backpack over her shoulder. Wore a black tank rop and a thin plad jacket. Going down she wore tight ripped jeans with a black belt at her waist. Red sneakers at her feet. When she walked into the classroom she looked around the room at all the others mosters others call teenagers. A guy with red horns and all red skin with a black leather jacket jeans and boots throw a paper ball at another kid. This kid had short black hair ( just like the demon boy. Glasses a button up teal shirt and brown slacks. A group of girls all in white and red chear leader clothes sat in the back corner gossiping. She let out a sigh and thought " well guess this is where my life begins". She took her sit the only open seat in the classroom as the teacher walked in. The teacher wore a black long sleeve shirt with dark blue solid jeans his long brown hair went to his shoulders. No glasses like most nerded treachers. Good morning class i see we have a new student with us today. What is your name sweety he smiles going to the front of the room. She spoke in a low voice a bit annoyed " names alex and don't call me sweety jerk head". 


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