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Someone else will be in my place. 
 The same juice you drink
 But with a different taste.  

Someone else will bring you
 Colorful flowers and smiles.  
Someone else in your heart,
 in your thoughts, in your soul and mind. 

 Someone other than me,
 Having the same words.
 He will try to put 
Your life in another order,
Different from our routine.

 There will be no one next to me, 
I buried my heart, 
I buried my old feelings,
Seeking the lights of other cities and seas.

 I let you find someone better in my place,
 Other lips but with the same salty taste
 As my mouth.  

I leave you free, 
Someone else will be in my place now, 
Trying to replace my love with a new one.


  • Oct 30, 2021

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