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I’m openness to experience 
I can empathize with peoples 
I’m an honest, sociable, impartial person 
I’m an encouraged and humble person
I’m exuberant and discreet person 
I’m conscientiousness, extroversion, neuroticism person 
I’m stubborn and impatient person, 
when a person who used to be in my life 
leave me, 
that when I’ll be self-deprecation 
I’m overwhelmed by my senses 
I avoid stressful situation 
I’m overwhelmed by crowds, 
I’m deeply emotional 
I’m overwhelmed by tasks
I’m attuned to nuances, 
I’m sensitive to pain 
I’m considered thoughtful 
I work hard to please others, 
I have a lot of empathy 
intimacy overwhelmed me 
I have good intuition, 
I take comfort in nature 
I have hard time not to care 
someone who used to be in my life 
still tell me his problem, 
I’m sensitive to the world around me, 
I need time to recharge 
I don’t like conflict,
often feel like I don’t fit in 
I tend to isolate myself and hard for me 
to setting boundaries, 
I see the world in unique way 
sometimes I find it cope with sensory and emotional overload 
I have hard time to adapt new changes 
nobody understands me beside 
someone who used to be in my love life. 


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