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To figure out who you are going to be, try being what other people want you to be. 

Be an artist like your grandma. 

Let her teach you how to draw, but never get good at it. 

Let her critique you until art is no longer fun. 

Be an actor like your dad. 

Take theatre classes after school. 

Feel happy when your teacher tells you that you have talent. 

Feel sad when your father tells you that you have no chance at succeeding. 

Be a writer like your mom. 

Write stories. 

Show them to your friends. 

Have them laugh at you. 

Continue writing, but never show it to anyone else. 

Also, find new friends. 

Decide to become a teacher like your grandma. 

Make silly plans about the future with your friend. 

One of you will be a math teacher and one of you will be a science teacher. 

You will live in the same town and teach in the same district. 

Tell yourself that you’ll be happy in the future and actually believe it. 

Stop talking to your friend. 

Scrap your future plans. 

Start to hate your hometown. 

Start to hate everything. 

Develop a desire to make the world a better place, but have no idea of how to it. 

Feel completely lost. 

Find comfort in music and only music. 

Spend all your time making playlists. 

Realize you’ve found something you actually don’t suck at. 

Devote yourself for once in your life. 

Make a playlist for every mood you have, for every person you know, for every situation you can think of. 

Listen to your dad when he tells you to become an engineer. 

Consider it. 

Fail science. 

Then fail math. 

Don’t become an engineer. 

Listen to your mom when she tells you that you could score movies. 

Convince her to enroll you in film classes. 

Realize you hate filmmaking. 

Convince her to enroll you in music classes. 

Accept the fact that you’ve never been happier. 

Tell everyone that you are going to school for music. 

Acknowledge that you don’t play an instrument and can’t sing. 

Take the leap anyway. 

Admit you’re crazy, but declare that it’s worth it. 

Find a way to feel content in this messed up world. 

Do you know who you are now?


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