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It’s extremely hot, nowadays. Everywhere I turn I see evidence of pain and flames, scales of the lost litter the path that I walk. 
Dragons rule this country, scaled wyrms. They fly overhead, starting fire after fire. They don’t get burned as they burn the world. That is their way.
All our rulers have failed to turn the tide, even though the young just eat the tide. Dangerous vapor rises and kills, though they know not why. The vain train in their ways. 
The path I’m walking has not cleared, I will not remain here.  Why must the rich eat the poor? Because that’s what they are for. The masses don’t run they are too offended and full of pride. If they only knew that they need to pick a side. The left wants this and the right will always deny. Although people will try to build their walls, they will always be torn down along with their crown and all. 
Dragon wings cover the sky. They blot out the sun they blow away the clouds, they are darkness incarnate. Dragons breath is set alight and all is hell. We will all burn under the wings of the dragons. 
Even the shade is deadly, for it hides the shadow things. The shadow things want our humanity, they want their pound of flesh. They come a calling to take the souls awaiting. Nowhere is safe.


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