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 Life wasn’t what you think it is 
as you see 
when I was born 
wasn’t bright as I was now 
I learn things, not like other normal 
people would,
however, I have traits and symptoms 
like other normal people 
when other babies already 
know how to crawl and walk 
I was still learning how to do 
what other babies do 
before you judge me, 
you should know this 
when I was a little girl 
I was optimistic about life 
I have a positive mindset 
I was polite and well-mannered, 
whatever guest arrived 
to my house 
I gave them something to drink 
when they felt thirsty 
I put on smile on every people’s faces 
I was liked by my mother’s best friends 
they’ll say to her“ is that your daughter?” 
they thought how cute I was 
can’t resist showering me with 
many gifts, 
even though I express 
how I was feeling by 
symbolic gestures 
I was liked by my friends 
and classmates 
before you judge me, 
you should know this 
I do things that make people smile,
I do things that make people laugh 
I’m an energetic and adventurous person 
I’m a lovable and sociable person 
before you judge me, 
you should know this 
I’m a person who listens to teachers 
I’m good at following the rules 
I was mostly responsible for many 
job duties and an extra volunteering 
around high school, 
faith had shaken 
when I have a massive crush 
on a teenage boy 
I felt scared and nervous, 
if he won’t feel the same as I do 
 when he didn’t feel the same way I did 
feel hurt when he rejected me 
got to the point I lose control 
I didn’t know 
people gossiping behind my back, 
 tried to make me look bad 
after the trip to Disneyland beach 
I got humiliated 
by reading the poem that I wrote 
had many things that were in my mind 
got overwhelmed by how busy I wasn’t aware I got socially bullied, 
nobody knew I was mentally trapped 
this kept happening after I graduated from high school 
people still think that I wasn’t a good person 
blaming me for things that I didn’t do, so you see 
I never want to hurt people. 
this is the whole truth 
before you judge me. 


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