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On a sizzling summer day,

With child fists clenched and dewy-eyed,

After all the molestation years,

I yelled at God for all I went through.

On a brisk autumn night,

With hopelessness in my heart

I lost all my faith in Him.

On a fierce winter afternoon,

Curiosity and a need to make sense

Took over the anger and fear.

I started with medical journals

About schizophrenia.

Without intent, I started to have empathy.

I understood the nightmare

He was going through in his turn.

Empathy towards the biggest monster

I have ever encountered, my father.

On a crisp spring morning,

Years later, I found out about

The abuse he went through 

As a child.

Somehow, from somewhere,

I found forgiveness

And a determination to heal,

To break the chain of trauma.

On a magical summer eve,

I found Nirvana.

My world view changed suddenly,

As I learned that I know nothing of this world,

Except that its language is Love

And that God is in everything and


We are all divine, my dear!


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