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All of my life 
I was loved and secure 
by both of my parents 
throughout my childhood days, 
I was always a delighted little girl 
used to enjoy my happy life 
without negative experiences 
as I grew up into being a teenager 
I was liked by peoples 
is easy for me to listen to my teachers 
do what they what me to do 
I was a good student 
always following the rules, 
my popularity grew 
because I have shown 
maturity within myself 
I do my duties without 
anybody telling me what to do 
I become mostly responsible 
enough to manage extra volunteering 
around high school, 
when came to have a massive 
crush on a teenage boy 
I showed signs of falling in love 
without knowing it 
impacts my popularity 
as a person 
people thought I can 
control myself of not 
get that into me, however, they were wrong 
it does get into me 
so much 
I lose control due to rejection 
didn’t know what 
I was doing nor what I was saying 
nobody knew how overwhelming 
it for me, 
I felt tired and weak 
I was mentally trapped 
came home after school 
I had everything in my mind 
hard for me to express how 
I was feeling, 
tried to talk to her about 
what was going on. 
What came out of my mouth 
wasn’t match what’s going on 
in my mind, 
on the next day 
people saw me 
as I wasn’t a good person 
wasn’t aware I was socially bullied 
of things has said about me, 
I eat my lunch in silent 
in my teacher’s office nor in 
her classroom, 
it kept happening 
 after I graduated from high school 
when I was 21 
I enrolled in Bellevue College 
in the year 2017–2018 
that when I started, 
Mexican language, English writing, 
Drama, Chinese language 
in the year 2019 
that when things got messed up 
I should have told him 
this earlier than later. 


  • Husna Chikwela

    Husna Chikwela


    Oct 24, 2021

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