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Through my eyes,
 I see even now the beautiful places
 Where I have been.
Through my heart I see the people
 To whom I gave everything 
That was best to have. 

 In my arms I lit souls, 
I extinguished their pains.
The word "goodbye"
 Often reached my ears,
 But I remained calm,
Maybe even stronger.

Between my fingers I caught other fingers, 
I received many kisses on the lips. 
 I felt alone when I was in a relationship, 
I felt free when I was alone
 But with a healed heart. 

 By my touch I caressed other skins, 
By my words I made other mouths 
Laugh and sing.

Through my eyes I saw
 Everything I had lost,
 Everything I had to recover.
Everything I was.


  • Oct 24, 2021

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