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You hugged me as if you wanted me 
To stay with you longer. 
 You kissed me like you wanted me
 To love you more. 

 Now that I remember,
 I did something wrong.
  I was afraid to try harder, 
I took a step back
And we became strangers like before.

  You come to my mind, 
I can't find answers.
 Maybe I should try harder,
 Time has taken us far. 

 My life has stopped, 
My breathing is killing my lungs.
  In my mind I saved a picture of you,
 Kissing her every night.

  If I could hug you again,
 I would leave my heart in your chest.
 if I could kiss you again, 
I would leave my life in your breath.


  • Oct 23, 2021

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