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Goodbye good times, 
Bad times stole my memories.  
The child who played yesterday 
Is an adult today and does not know
 Where to go and who is next to him.

 Goodbye my love,
 I know I will never see you again, 
What was between us did not last long, 
And now I feel so alone.  

The bullets pass me,
 I know I'll be hurt soon. 
 If I don't call anyone,
 Bury me deep in your souls.

  Goodbye, I shout goodbye again.
  My voice sounds like an echo
 But no one answers, 
Just the wind rushing me away.  

Goodbye, I knew it would end,
Goodbye good times.
Bad times stole my memories.  
Is winter but not in December.
It's winter in my breath.


  • Oct 23, 2021

  • Oct 23, 2021

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