Every Night Starts With A Story Read Count : 25

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Every night starts with a story,
 You find out when you sleep, 
Holding you captive for a few hours. 

 Then the sky turns black, 
The stars shine brighter.
Your eyes are closed,
 It's quiet in your house.

  The pillow caresses your head, 
Your thoughts run out, 
You are now living your second life, 
Maybe better than the one that starts
 Again with a new boring morning 
When you wake up more tired...

Looking for a sweet coffee
 And a good reason to get out of bed
And go to the bathroom
And wash your face first.

  Feel like a butterfly even if you are an old man.
  Feel like a snowflake, even if you feel that it is
 Over 40 degrees outside. 

 Every evening begins with a story, 
Every morning with a new beginning.
 Every heart begins to love again 
After it has healed.


  • Oct 23, 2021

  • Oct 23, 2021

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