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A Serenade for Sheeple
I posted a little poem
And my page went mum
My friends still pass by
Keeping distance, waving shy Hi
That looks like rinsing fingers soiled.

...But it was just a little verse
That kept rattling on nerves frayed
Paralysing limbs with digits crazed
Upon comforting keying boards
On walls full of faces
Of friends and pages
That won't stop crying - 'what's in your mind?'

...I bore no insults
...the fiendly voice!..that wasn't me !
"Am a medium of some irate gods
And scribbler saints tween flocks and prides
Unsettled by the false ride
And lies to the sheeple*
By personas behind the Masks
... And I too thought, that Sheeple trod 
We more than them masketeers
 And Too could  Trend"


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