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We’re born different 
didn’t make us different 
we do have things in common 
we do have hardship in our experiences, 
we do have experience with burnout 
we do have the darkest times
in our childhood or our teenage years, 
some of us didn't know 
the world we live in 
You might have the darkest time 
in your childhood days 
I might have the darkest time 
in my teenage years,
you might be independent
you might be responsible 
when both of your parents divorced, 
I might be independent 
I might be responsible 
when I become a teenager, 
I understand from your perspective
I feel scared of telling you the truth, 
it’s because I went through 
the same as you do
if you understand yourself 
why can you understand me? 
we both have our differences 
we both have things in common. 


  • Dec 28, 2021

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