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What you think of me 
is not who I am 
as you see, 
in my childhood days 
I used to adapt to changes 
I’m was a person who 
always positive,
I was a kind and loving person 
always love to see people smile 
I was the person who brightens 
people’s day, 
I was polite to people 
I was a well-mannered child, 
that’s why I was a likable person 
that everybody adores 
in my teenage years 
I’m good at being on time 
I love having an education routine 
as you didn’t know 
I understand you 
I went through the same as you
first time I met you 
I know you were busy 
with your life and I 
understand that, 
if you want to love by me, 
you have to treat me 
like yourself,
I feel hurt 
when you don’t 
and take their advice 
do things they tell you 
what to do, 
don’t let them control you 
I know we both are meant for each other. 


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