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I'm done with everything. 
I officially give in.
I'll hate myself until the end;
I don't deserve a single win. 

Stay heartless, don't ever give in.
Stop prayin'
Stop hopin'
Let 'em all think you're okay.

Don't answer their questions honestly;
Keep saying you're fine when you're not.
No one really gives a shit;
So don't be a bother. 

Kill who you are.
Don't let anyone back in again. 
Close it all off;
Heart, soul, mind, and body.

Don't trust.
Don't love.
Don't reach.
Don't even speak.

Kill that person;
The one that cares too much.
Close every road that leads to you;
And don't accept any hugs. 

Don't change for anyone.
It always ends the same.
Keep the reaper close;
Because you're already walking dead. 


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