Hurricane In My Head Read Count : 95

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My minds a sped up hurricane.
The thoughts keep rushing in the wind, I don't think I'm sane.
I've been floating in the water with a makeshift boat, sooner or later I'm going to  sink and the lands too far away to swim.
Yeah it hurts, I keep asking for a sign;
Then I lose my fucking mind. 
These secrets I hold inside, they rip me apart in many ways.
I don't believe I'm worth it
The thoughts so fucking constant
I don't think I'll escape the torment
Because it's not on the outside
And it's killing me every time I try. 
I just want to find my way
I'm tired of it all turning gray.
Can you hear me scream?
I'm dead to me, just call me a zombie
Because I can't seem to fucking sleep.
I love hard, then they run the other way.
It's like a heartbreak play
And I'm stuck on repeat. 
I try as I may;
Then I fail in every possible way.


  • Dec 27, 2021

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