Six Feet Deep Read Count : 20

Category : Poems

Sub Category : N/A
TW SH (self harm)

Demons underneath,
burning my soul,
darkness within,
becoming a swirling storm.

Torture my mind every day,
lead me to the dagger,
tempt me with reasons why I should,
don't wanna cut,
but they say I deserve it.

No one see's the horrors in my mind,
hears the words I have to,
so much suffering I go through,
I can't bare it,
sometimes it's hard to get through the day.

Voices so loud,
gives me a headache,
hard to resist what they want,
when it keeps going,
and it slowly gets tiring to hear them.

Skin covered in pink and white scars,
red lines all over it too,
new ones I created when it got too much,
a cry for help no one seems to listen to me.

Not sure what I can do,
how to make it better,
these villains I have inside me,
are six feet deep,
so far they can't be seen.


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