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Walking around in The walking Dead, Saints and sinners, I ain't no beginner, so I don't need a map, all I need is my axe, Which I don't have, and my gun, and mabye a bat, so I can smash zombies heads, before I head home, and go to bed, just to wake up in the morning and do it again, every day, week and weekend, while smoking cigarettes I found on the street next to a gun that looked broken, it never ends... Ok, I see some zombies up ahead, imma shoot them until they're truely dead, then search the map for loot, so far I got some books, a bowl, and a spoon, this stuff will give me metieials, so my equipment can improve, a message to any enemy, who stands in my path while zombies are chasing me, I got broken bottle, I'll stab you and leave you for the walkers to eat, that's a warning, yeah... I'm tired now, I need to rest, my health is low, blood covers my arms and chest, I need to heal, have a quick meal, then get back on the road towards home alone, fast as the flash, before the night time comes, and the sun goes.


  • Lucas Roucoulet

    Lucas Roucoulet

    this is based off the VR game "Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners". im still thinking of more i can write in this one.

    Dec 27, 2021

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