The White Mask And The Fiend. Read Count : 26

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Behind The Mask 
I smile as you pain
Condoling you towards my gain. 
Behind the mask 
I snarl at your gain
Miming insults you can't read
Amid the best of Friendly cheer
And laughter loud

My net I cast
Caressing crucifix on your face
As bared teeth
Drool in lust behind the mask 
Ready to bite deep into your space 
Munch your future as you bask
Spellcast and feeling loved
Between my jaws behind the mask.

T'was just a simple mask to veil
And thou shalt steam
Toast and roast, salt and spoon
Thyself to sate my able mouth
When the masks begin to fall
Bound in terms of this our deal

Yes friend, a white mask is all I need
And this is now the me indeed
Your Own Best Fiend
And friendly Not 
The Mask.



  • Dec 23, 2021

  • Murith Joe

    Murith Joe

    wow. i see you are mr worthlessly complicated. thought that was a comment. ha ha ha

    Dec 25, 2021

  • Matthew  Stuart

    Matthew Stuart


    Dec 26, 2021

  • Jan 21, 2022

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